Retail Charge Agreement

In the following Retail Charge Agreement, the "Buyer" is defined as Principal Owner and the "Seller" is defined as Jelinek Hardware Co. dba Grand Island, Fremont, Columbus, Kearney and Elkhorn Ace Hardware.

If tax exempt please provide completed copy of Nebraska Resale or Exempt Sale Certificate (Form 13)

In consideration of the sales and purchases to be made from time to time and the mutual obligations created by this agreement, the undersigned Buyer and Seller hereby agree to the following terms and provisions:
1.   The Buyer may charge purchases from Seller.
2.   The Buyer will pay the full statement balance by the 10th of the following month in which event no FINANCE CHARGE will be added.
3.   If payment in full is not received before the next billing, this account will be considered delinquent and the future extension of credit will be subject to Seller's discretion. A finance charge will be added at the maximum rate allowed by law. (ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE is 16%). The FINANCE CHARGE is computed on the previous month's balance without adding purchases or deducting payments or credits during the month. The minimum finance charge is $0.50.
4.   Account is required to have an authorized charge list with photos. Listed person must be present at purchase.  Seller is responsible for keeping the list current via online account access.  Buyer may also submit a PURCHASE ORDER number. Seller will not be responsible for unauthorized charges.
5.  Monthly statements will be emailed to Buyer, not sent on paper via U.S. Mail.  A valid email address is required on all accounts.

Buyer understands Seller's terms and agrees to abide by them. In making this application for credit, Buyer understands that an investigative consumer report may be made whereby information is obtained through whatever means available to Seller.

Revised July 13, 2017